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MINDBODY’s new mobile app, MINDBODY Connect, is designed to help consumers book and pay for classes and appointments with MINDBODY clients (health, wellness and beauty businesses nationwide). It's built for the clients you already have---- and more importantly, for the clients who haven't discovered your business yet.

3 Gym Machines to avoid

I've been working in the gym now for over 12 years. Trust me you name it I've seen it. If I haven’t heard of it probably goes by a different name depending on the region. Being a fitness professional gives a unique vision, almost like a reverse x ray vision. What do I mean by that? Sometimes I’m able to predict how a person will hurt themselves by what gym equipment they use in their exercise program, and how they are using it. But… Before I go any further I would like to remind everyone a few things.

Rest and Recovery

Muscle recovery is one of the most important phases for a sports and strength training. It can also be confusing to understand how much training is too much on the body and will result in eventual injury and how much is too little and will have little to no effect on the bodies athletic performance. In this series I will cover the basic anatomy of muscle tissue, and how they use energy.

Best Advance cardio exercise

I love using the jump rope to change up my cardio training. Jumping rope is easy to travel with and a very progressive form of training. Jumping rope improves speed, agility, reflexes, coordination. After you get used to the rhythm and control feel free to explore and start to get creative with your patterns. The key is to try and have fun while you jump. Be care free about missing the jump, or tripping over the rope, only then will you be able to unlock the true free form of your routine.